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3 Things a Morning Walk Can Teach About Good Lighting

This morning I got to take an early walk with my husky, Frankie. Along the way I got to snap some photos of striking light. Natural light is the most often quoted source of beautiful and inspiring light whenever I ask the question on twitter. This morning was no different.

  1. Amazing light embraces shadows. So often we create spaces, especially in our office and retail spaces with zero shadow. Contrast is what makes light interesting. We need to get away from only using downlighting and washy fluorescent fixtures to create bland light. Contrast is king.

  2. Light changes throughout the day. There is nothing natural or healthy about light that stays the same all day. Make your light change. If you work in an office with only fluorescent downlighting, then get up and work near a window when you can. If you rent an apartment make sure you're making the most use of your natural light possible. If you own a home, consider motorized shades that embrace the shift in light.

  3. Get Warmer. Embrace color in your lighting. Remember the quality of light coming from your fixture is defined by the last thing the light passes through before it's visible to the outside world. That means your lamp shade is the determining factor of a table lamp, the glass lens on your recessed downlight will dramatically effect the light coming out of your MR16. There are hundreds of ways to change the tone of the light coming from your fixtures. (I smell a future blog post coming)