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Wednesday at 7pm EST, Join me as I hangout live with Raina Kattelson

Wednesday at 7pm EST I'll be hanging out ON AIR with Raina Kattleson

Still Life styled by Raina Kattelson

Still Life styled by Raina Kattelson

Raina Kattelson is renowned stylist who's work has been seen in magazines including Country Living and Anthology. She's worked with designers Thom Filicia, Darren Henault and Matthew Patrick Smyth. 

We're going to talk about what a stylist does and why it's critical to our business. Join us as we hangout live! Follow me on G+ or Twitter for links to hangout on G+ and YouTube.


Writing All Over the Web

Dear Readers,  

My current work situation makes it very difficult to get get any writing of substance done for the website. I'm doing my best to blog regularly, but it's been tricky. However, I've been far from inactive on the web. You can find me in a few places.

Find me on Google Plus

As of late I've been much more active on G+ posting not only to our Interior Design Community but sharing links and information on things lighting. If you haven't spent any real time on G+ I encourage you to, it's a place where there's a lot less noise and much more depth.  


I've been active on instagram for a long time, I even published a book of lighting inspirations shared with Instagram called Lightstagram. Want to know what I'm up to? Here's a good place to check.  



I've taken to writing the occasional essay. Its something of a hobby of mine. If you'd like to glean my musings on things not lighting related, Medium is a good place to look. BTW, there is some fantastic writing on Medium in general. I really enjoy it as a social network.  

Lighting Magazine

I write a monthly piece for Lighting Magazine. Generally these pieces are deep dives into specific issues facing our industry. My latest piece examined the value of CRI as a metric when specifying light sources. If you're interested in lighting at all, make sure you follow the magazine. 

So that's me around the web. I'll be writing more for my own blog as well, but in the mean time, you can find me all over the web. You can also follow me twitter. 

Thanks so much for your continued interest. More to share soon!

50,000-hour claim leaves firms open to legal action, top lawyer warns - Lux magazine

Lux Magazine is up with an interesting short read. It's commonplace for LED manufacturers to claim 50,000 hour life for their products, but that could lead to future litigation. 

From the piece:

If you quote 50,000 hours on your website but the product fails after a fraction of that, then it’s an open goal frankly,’ Stone told the Lighting Fixture Design 2013 conference in London yesterday. ‘If you offer a warranty, fine – but don’t think you’re in the clear after the warranty period has expired. Under the Sale of Goods Act, the product must be fit for the purpose described.
— Lux Magazine